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Commercial Lines

Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance

Risk Management

Litigiousness has become a societal problem in the United States. The tort system cost about $233 billion in 2002 in direct costs, or 2.2 percent of the nation’s gross nation product, and many billions more in indirect costs, twice as much as that of most other industrialized nations.

Categories of Liability with high percentages of awards:

  • Business negligence 31%
  • Vehicular liability 20%
  • Personal negligence 19%
  • Product liability 10%
  • Premises liability 6%
  • Police negligence 5%
  • Other 9%

Your account is serviced by an Agency Principal, the Marketing Director and a service team that includes specialists in all insurance areas. This team provides a comprehensive range of analytical services that will help determine potential problem areas and identify program needs.

Identify Risks

  1. Full analysis of liability contracts and exposures
  2. Self Insurance analysis
  3. Establishment of property valuation based on the most current insurance industry definitions and techniques
  4. Evaluation of potential business interruption loss scenarios
  5. Auditing of Workers Compensation Experience Modifications
  6. Loss Prevention/Engineering Services
  7. Risk management insurance implications and program consolidation for mergers or acquisitions.

Programs and Support

  1. Alternative Risk transfer Programs
  2. Risk Analysis & Consulting to identify and manage critical areas of exposure - including  periodic visits to locations where there may be significant risk.
  3. Workers’ Compensation programs, Loss and Modification analysis
  4. Ocean Marine and International Account Support
  5. Assistance in preparation and presentation of claims to insurance companies to ensure  prompt fair settlement.
  6. Preparation of information for audits
  7. Loss prevention support

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